Jul 9, 2010

Sexting: The Art Of Flirty Text Messages

By on Friday, July 09, 2010

It's through "sexting" or text messaging on your cell phone. So what the heck is "sexting?"  Well, it's modern day phone sex that has a visual component, and is the outcome of improvements in technology facilitating new forms of intimate social interaction. Sexting someone usually allows people to engage in an instant exchange of sexually provocative videos and picture messages via a mobile phone.

Certainly sexual gratification and voyeurism are the main reasons behind sexting, however, most sexters don't take into account the ramifications of sexting after the act. A social risk involved with this practice is that sexually explicit images and videos that are exchanged can easily be published across the internet by recipients and whereby the sender has no way of stopping it's distribution.

What other negative issues can sexting present? If you engage in sexting with people from the internet, with people you don't know and have never met before, you'd better be certain you're not sending to or receiving "sext" messages from a minor. Associating with a minor (knowingly or not) when sexting, and if caught, carries the same label as participating in child pornography and is a serious criminal offense.

Is There A Positive Spin On sexting?

It is indicated that some single people who meet online and form a relationship engage in phone sex or sexting before an offline date. Online dating also pairs up many singles who are geographically disadvantaged, therefore sexting or phone sex is a perfectly legitimate and private act between consenting adults who may not have the benefit of regular physical contact with each other. There is also much to be said that sexting between established couples sets the scene for explosive real life sex.

Texts are widely used because they're super useful for asking a fast question or sending a short message.

The cool thing is that women absolutely LOVE text messaging! Just watch any girl in a social setting, and see how many text messages she sends. Actually, text messaging is slowly replacing phone conversations.

The secret is when you text message a chick the RIGHT way, you can quickly build up enough attraction that you won't really have to do much IN-PERSON when you see her to get her attracted to you.

There's just one big problem with this.........

Most men entirely screw-up what they write on their text messages. They text the way us guys usually have conversations. When we talk to each other, we like to think logically and make concrete plans. Our texts are usually straight to the point.

Girls on the other hand, see text messaging as a way to get to know one another. Women use it to vent their frustrations & problems and also stay in touch with friends.

You gotta remember this when texting!

The totally killer way to use text messaging is to amplify and build SEXUAL TENSION. Before you send a text, make sure to think carefully about how this text will advance the flirting and sexual tension between you and any particular girl.

You can tease her, send "comfort" messages or make plans, but make sure your messages are specifically designed to create a STRONG emotion in the girl who gets them!

Doing this will improve your "game" with girls a million percent.

Its your lucky day! Let's take a look at the basics of texting or sexting. Over the last year, I've gotten tons of emails from dudes interested in improving their "text game". I always get 2 main questions:

1) What is the REAL purpose behind text messaging?

2) Can you give REAL LIFE examples of texts you've sent to girls?

So Here we go:

NUMBER 1) What's the REAL purpose of text messaging?

Simple.....Texting is totally about creating and maintaining and amplifying
sexual tension!

Once you get her number, you probably have her attracted to you. This attraction is usually lost in the time between getting her number & calling her for the 1st time. When you text, you can bridge the 'time-gap' and maintain the attraction or even make it super hella hot.

Keep this in mind though, text messaging should NEVER totally replace a phone call. She'll thin you're weird if all u do is text. But sending a few funny, teasing, playful texts is an excellent way to get a girl to THINK ABOUT YOU all day long.

So when u actually call her, she'll immediately sense the good feelings and emotions that you've already given her through texting. This makes it hella easy to get her to answer the phone and set up a first date or meeting or whatever.

Make sure your text messages STAND OUT from all the other dudes that are probably calling this girl.

This Is How You Make Sure You're Not Like The Others:

NUMBER ONE- Tease the girl in a familiar manner to create a sense that you
already "know" her

NUMBER TWO- Use "call back" humor to an event and or conversation that happened when you first met the girl

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Anonymous said...

Eeep! Reading this made me realize why I can't date a douche. The stupid shit they say is not only unflattering but annoying.

linda said...

Sexting is fun and its allows adults like me to play with others. I recently joined a community for sexting called http://arousr.com